Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Camping out..

OK so this one isn't really camping, such as the outside, cold, uncomfortable, dirty and sometimes scary thing. My husband and I aren't too keen about sleeping outside, in the woods with the wild, in thin tents on the hard ground, with no indoor pluming, privacy, or running water. Wow, saying that really makes us sound like stuck up rich snooty people and I swear we are far from rich lol. Regardless of how I feel about actually camping, the IDEA of the camping amuses me. I was laying in bed the other day and this date night idea popped into my head so I had to write it down before I forget :)

~Our living room is going to be painted a deep blue soon. I know that the color sounds weird right now with no image but your own imagination, but I have it pictured in my head...Anywhoo, For starters, you could put up a tent, lay out a pallet or even make a fort (fuuuuuuuun!!!). You can even go as far as putting up those sticky glow in the dark stars for affect :) Here are a few ideas for tents or forts without bringing that tent out from the basement and losing your mind and getting frustrated figuring out how to put it together lol

~ Take away all social media devices such as phones, computers, tablets, or anything else that allows you to connect with someone else other than your camping buddy. Instead, maybe play nature sounds in the background, waterfalls, crickets, stuff like that. If that's too lame for you, (I'm sure my husband would turn the nature stuff off after a while lol ) you could always play a play list of music you both like for background noise. Pull out a few of those board and card games...maybe a sexy game too for later..and have a great time  playing games and laughing with each other. One of our favorites is Phase 10..

~Maybe you could find a DVD of the live fire. I don't know where you can buy it, but my mom plays it on Christmas and it really does add to the space for those of us who aren't privileged enough to have a fireplace :) And you cant "camp" without some form of a campfire. If you have a fire pit out back, light it up!! Who cares if its snowing. There's something so peaceful about sitting around the fire, enjoying each others company.

~We don't have access to have a real fire so that means I have to find some creative ideas with making smores. Of course nothing beats the real thing, so if you can, definitely do it! I usually make a smores snack. Made up of chocolate chips, honey grahams cereal and mini marshmallows, I love it!! Theres plenty of recipes out there on different versions of "flame less smores". Here are a few I'd love to try..Hot chocolate would be a plus :) Maybe add some Kahlua to it...Mmmmm.

                                                                   Smores Trail Mix

Smores Bars
Smores in a cup


  We have yet to find time to do this, But I'd really like to try it out soon. When I do, I'll def post some pics and show you what I ended up doing. I'd love to hear of your indoor camping ideas! Feel free to leave comments below :) Good luck!!!!!